I normally charge by the hour and can give you an estimated quote of the final cost once I have done a consult with you and know all the details of what you want to get. Please keep in mind that quoting tattoo time is not an exact science and the quote is an ESTIMATE of how long your piece will take me. Complexity of design, amount of detail, style, size and subject matter all factor in to how long it will take and thus the final cost of a project.

Sleeves and other large projects are a process, they involve multiple sessions and take lots of time. A sleeve doesn't happen in a single appointment! They take a serious commitment which should be given consideration before putting down a deposit or scheduling an appointment.


Many tattoos require hours of drawing prior to the appointment, putting down a deposit shows that you are serious about the tattoo and are going to show up when we set aside the time in our schedule. For most tattoos I require a $100 non refundable deposit to book an appointment. On some larger projects the deposit is $300 (ill notify you if so).

THIS IS NOT AN EXTRA CHARGE! The deposit will be deducted from the overall cost of your tattoo on the day of your appointment. For tattoos that require multiple sessions your deposit will NOT be deducted off the overall cost until your FINAL appointment. This is what we call a rolling deposit and prevents you from having to put down a separate deposit for each appointment.

Deposits can be paid via Paypal or in cash at the shop.

Cancellations/Reschedules/No Shows

I know life happens and things come up. If you need to Cancel or Reschedule your appointment I require at least 24 Hours notice to transfer deposit, otherwise the deposit will be forfeit and a new deposit will be required to book another appointment. Special Consideration will be given for Legitimate emergencies and at my sole discretion.

If you no show your appointment (Do not call or show up for appointment) your deposit will be forfeit, and a new deposit will be required to set another appointment.

I paid a deposit and booked my appointment, when can I see my design?

This is where the saying “Trust your Artist” comes in. I understand the excitement and eagerness to see your tattoo design. However... For various reasons I DO NOT send designs over the internet or text prior to the appointment. My deadline is the time and day of your appointment, NOT BEFORE. I do my best to take good notes & get a good grasp of the concept during the consultation so I arrive at something you will enjoy. This is by no means a take it or leave it scenario. Any changes that need to be made can be done during the time I have reserved for you.  I strive to have your design ready to show you when you walk in the door on the day of your appointment.

Touch Ups

I care about the quality of my work, sometimes a touch up is needed to address any issues that may arise after it heals. ( i.e. A line didn't take well or you accidentally scraped it on something and that spot didn't heal right.) For all of my tattoos I offer ONE FREE TOUCH UP within 6 MONTHS of getting the tattoo. No questions asked, just contact me to set up an appointment.